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Ready to Sell?

For most people interested in selling a home in Wilmington, North Carolina, the top concerns are centered on the contract price, terms and market time.  Considering that a home is often the subject of many hours of hard work and significant outlays of cash, it is understandable to want a high sales price and a significant return on equity. 

The fact that homes in Wilmington and the surrounding areas are in high demand has created an environment that is favorable for home sellers.  What this means for most home sellers is a positive outcome in a short time frame, with a minimum amount of inconveniences.

Globalization concept

How do I market your home effectively and simplify the process for you?  With preparation and a multi-faceted marketing strategy, I can ensure your home sells quickly with the best possible terms, thus decreasing your carrying costs, inconveniences and the amount of foot traffic through your home.


Professional Photography/Home Staging

I have a strong belief in the power of a first impression.  By hiring professional photographers with a talent for presenting homes in the most attractive possible light, I can effectively market and sell your home.  Listing photos could potentially create interest or make buyers look elsewhere, so quality photos are an essential piece of the marketing plan.  Developing a staging plan can be essential, as it is well known that staged properties generate a higher closing price in a shorter amount of time.  Showcasing your home and ensuring that it has a broad appeal for local buyers is a critical aspect of my marketing plan, so if it is necessary I will bring in a professional home stager to present your home in the best possible light, or utilize advanced technology to stage it virtually.

Property Websites/Virtual Tours

It always pays to work with a specialist.  That is why I work with professional photographers, web gurus and graphic designers to develop a unique website for all of the properties I represent.  The website is a powerful marketing tool for both online and offline advertising, with pictures and text that are customized to highlight your home’s best features and amenities.  A convenient and effective method for sharing information about your home with friends and family through email and social media, the property website will typically include an engaging property description, professional photography and call-to-action buttons that allow showings to be set up directly on the site. 

Traditional Methods

Why reinvent the wheel?  Traditional marketing strategies are still in use for the simple fact that they work.  To provide the sellers I represent with outstanding results, I leverage every conceivable opportunity, whether it’s through holding open houses, networking or developing print advertisements.  I have been in real estate for over 16 years, which has allowed me to build a vast network of colleagues and an unsurpassed insight into local marketing opportunities.  

Social Media/Electronic Marketing

To generate awareness for your home and reach the largest possible pool of potential buyers, I will market your home on all the major social media outlets.  In addition to listing your home on the MLS and developing an online marketing campaign, I will send unique information about your home to all the Realtors in my local association and within my brokerage.  

Implementation & Planning = Powerful Results

To deliver the highest possible price in the shortest possible time frame, all marketing initiatives are implemented concurrently.  By the time an interested buyer actually walks through the door, it is highly probable that they have seen high-quality photos and a unique property description on the website for your property, in addition to all the required disclosures and property information.  This helps me provide you with a high sales price and a seamless, hassle-free transaction.

Let’s Talk

If you are ready to move forward or simply curious about the steps I will take to provide you with a powerful, life-changing result, contact me today for a free estimate of your home’s current market value.

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