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Thank you considering me as your Realtor! I provide attentive and thorough representation for buyers and sellers in Wilmington, Carolina Beach and the surrounding areas. Earning trust and repeat business is everything to me, so I go the extra mile to provide my clients with the best possible outcome for their transactions.

Whether strategizing on how to provide you with a significant return on investment or networking with my colleagues to find homes that are not on the market, my focus is on providing a collaborative, hands-on approach. What this means is that I will be there for you every step of the way, gently guiding you with useful research and carefully managing all the logistics until you reach your goals.

I firmly believe that knowledge is power. Understanding your priorities and goals is an essential first step in the process, so I like to begin each new relationship with a strategy session. This allows me to not only tailor my services to your individual needs, but also to match you with the resources and guidance you need to make informed decisions. 


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The insights I provide for my clients are backed by many hours of time and effort, as well as constant research into the local market and the national economy. I got my start in real estate in 2005 as an administrative assistant, experience that gave me a solid understanding of the transactional side of the industry. Since then, everything in my professional life has revolved around real estate.

My background also includes working as a marketing coordinator and senior copy writer for one of the top five real estate brokerages in the nation. Along with giving me an understanding of how to market properties effectively, the experience helped me refine my customer service skills and learn practical, real-world insights from leading professionals.

Transitioning into sales in 2015 was a natural progression, as I was initially licensed in California in 2008. I think real estate is the best investment a person can ever make and I love the sense of fulfillment that comes from providing my clients with a positive, life-changing experience. If you choose to work with me, I will do everything I can to provide you with a superior standard of support and service throughout the transaction.

When I am not busy working, I like to spend time with friends and family, especially my daughter Bridget. I enjoy connecting with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds and have traveled extensively throughout the continental U.S., Costa Rica, Hawaii and Mexico.

Wilmington has been my home for over 14 years and I look forward to sharing my favorite parts of it with you. I am originally from Greensboro though I was fortunate enough to spend my childhood summers in North Myrtle Beach, where I developed a nearly lifelong passion for golf and surfing. Some of my other favorites include cooking, reading, hiking and mountain biking.

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