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Holden Beach Real Estate

Located nearby the towns of Shallotte and St. James, a short drive away from Leland and Wilmington, Holden Beach is an eight-mile-long stretch of land in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway.  First incorporated in 1969, the town of Holden Beach has a relaxed small town atmosphere, a wooden fishing pier, several restaurants and parks.


From the high-rise bridge that connects it to the mainland, it is possible to see almost the entire town of Holden Beach, which includes a total of approximately 675 year-round residents.  A small commercial district with several shops, a marina, mini-golf and fresh local seafood add to the appeal.

The site of many oceanfront residences, sound-side homes and vacation rentals, Holden Beach offers a number of neighborhoods with homes on interior canals that connect to the Intracoastal Waterway, making it a sought-after location for those who want a waterfront home with a private dock.

Dive Spot

Some of the top things to do in Holden Beach include going fishing, boating, sun bathing, swimming, surfing or relaxing on the beach.  Learning more about the island’s unique history is also a good option. 

History of Holden Beach

The history of Holden Beach extends to 1756, when Benjamin Holden purchased around 400 acres on the mainland, plus the island separating his land from the Atlantic Ocean.  In the early years, Holden and his sons used the island that would become Holden Beach solely for grazing cattle and fishing.  As a result of the Civil War, the area of Holden Beach and Lockwood’s Folly inlet became the final resting place for several blockade runners, including the CSS Bendigo, as well as the Union blockade ship, the USS Iron Age.  Anyone who has visited the east end to go swimming, surfing or diving will remember the orange navigation buoy, which marks the site of the Bendigo, a 200-foot-long structure that actually has portions of it visible at low tide.

Along with the fact that Holden Beach is nearby the Cape Fear Civil War Shipwreck Discontiguous District, this makes it a great place to visit for anyone with an interest in SCUBA diving or history.  The Holdens and their descendants were some of the first people to develop Holden Beach, and the current mayor J. Alan Holden represents the seventh generation.

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